A conversation With Covid-19

A sanitizer for soul

We the human beings have been interrupting nature and trying to change what it has planned for us. Nature has its own way of running the world but, we the homo sapiens, have always tried to defy nature bringing nothing but destruction in its all forms and manifestation.

Yesterday, while I was busy studying something, I heard some strange sound in my room. While I searched to locate and understand the voice, I saw a strange creature sitting on the table in front of me. At its sight, I panicked and was almost about to shout. The strange creature gave a dreadful smile and introduced itself as Corona Virus.

Following dialogue ensued between me and Corona.

Corona: Don’t be scared, I am not that harmful if you have a strong will and immunity.

Me: Why are you here! Why don’t you spare our lives?

Corona:  I just came here to let you know about my purpose in infecting humans.

Me:  Would you please go!  We, humans, are anxiously waiting for your departure.

Corona;  Hmm, as life is unpredictable, so is my departure. Maybe, I will go but soon reappear with a different form and name. You humans will invent a vaccine against me as you have been doing in past but remember we also have the ability to fight vaccines and adapt to them.

Me: But what is our sin? We have done nothing wrong with you? Why are you after the lives of human beings?

Corona: You have caused destruction to nature putting the survival of all living things including the family of coronaviruses in danger.

Me: Are you here to revenge what the humans did to the environment?

Corona: Yes, I have been sent by nature. You people have deviated from the natural life directly affecting everything on this planet earth including Corona Viruses as I told you.

Me: Tell me what do you want from us?

Corona: I am now on my mission. I have not acted with full intensity yet for the simple reason that I still hope humans will come to their senses and stop anti-nature deeds.

Me: Corona  Virus, You are right, I will convey your message to humans around the world. Will you go now and give us a chance to correct our behavior?

Corona: I am here to see whether humans get a lesson and rectify themselves?

Me: Please forgive this time. Humans will mend their approach and come to their senses.

Corona: You humans nowadays excessively wash your hands with sanitizers.  Instead of a hand sanitizer, you people need a Soul sanitizer to purify your thinking and cleanse the menace of ever-increasing greed, etc?

Me: Agreed Corona, here you are acting as a sanitizer for the soul. Your arrival should be a wake-up call for humans who have brought the mother planet to the brink of destruction.

Corona: I like what you say. The purpose of my arrival is to make you humans think about your needs and act in a way that is neither anti-nature nor anti-humanity.

Me: You are right Corona, Agreed.

Corona: By washing and sanitizing your hands you can prevent some infection for the moment but I will keep haunting you people until you people mend your ways. Until and unless you invent a sanitizer for your soul, hand sanitizers will not work.

With this last part of our conversation, Corona vanished from my room. The important lesson I got from this conversation with Corona Virus is that until and unless humans abandon their anti-nature activities based on profiteering’,  the resultant natural destruction will invite the wrath of Allah and nature. God will send similar pandemics to punish human beings and provide a respite for all other creatures.

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