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Answer Key for Pakistan Studies MCQs

Find the answer key for Pakistan Studies Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) below:

1. Option “C” (Fraternity)

2. Option “C” (Passive resistance to the illegal rule)

3. Option “A” (independent united India with a strong center)

4. Option “D” (crackdown on internet bloggers for their critique over Government.)

5. Option ” D” (1973 Constitution of Pakistan)

6. Option “D” (Objective Resolution was kept as the preamble). 

7. Option “B” (Bureaucratic system strengthened)

8. Option “B” (Transparency) 

9. Option ” A” (Depoliticize law enforcement institutions).

10. Option ” A”  (Ayub Khan)

11. Option “C” (Wealth produced by foreigners within the country is considered)

12. Option “D” (Surprise visits by officials to ensure teacher attendance)

13. Option “B” (Ideological differences with USSR)

14. Option “B” (involved in making nuclear arsenals)

15. Option “C” (Post USSR era, 1991-2015)

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