How to Respond to Reviewer’s Comments for Manuscript / Research Paper Revision? Most Useful Tricks and Suggestions

Tips and Suggestions to Response Your Manuscript Reviewers

how to response to reviewers comments for research paper? So, you are done with your manuscript, you are confident that you have done a thumbs up work. You attempted it brilliantly a well written novel. You searched at every thick n thin you detailed each n every point. You have revised your manuscript and submitted it to the publisher and now you are waiting for the reviewer’s response. You are positive that your manuscript will be accepted.

After some days, you receive a notice from the publisher and it’s a complete surprise for you which gives you an electric shock. The reviewer’s comments are not at all meeting your hopes you had. You become devastated and you are so angry with them that you want to just shut them up because they even didn’t appreciate your brilliant work. Okay CALM DOWN.

First of all you have to accept the fact that this is a normal reaction for a newbie researcher. The supervisors those who are going through your manuscript are busy people that process of every manuscript is a mystery to start out for them.

When you are a researcher or a writer you also have to face criticism in this field and protecting your work takes practice. Here I will list down some tips for you which will help you to respond calmly to the reviewers comment for research paper and will also help you to give a finishing touch to your manuscript for positive response.

Understand  the Reviewers Comments for Paper Revision

When the respond letter comes take some time, read it thoroughly and understand what the reviewer is saying to you. In that respond letter you will be given a time limit in which you have to resubmit the revised manuscript. Don’t rush to reply them immediately. Give yourself sometime to drain out all the dis heart feelings you have after receiving the reviewer’s comments. If you replied the reviewer with negative response you will regret it later so don’t do that.

Response to the notice from the Journal

The reason behind these reviews is to encourage newbie to add more research in their manuscript and deliver stronger research. Think with a cool mind that you got the opportunity to improve your manuscript. After all the upset mood of yours is drained out than switch yourself to response mode. Now it’s time to trust yourself and to present yourself again with an improved research.

Now to answer the notice you receive regarding your manuscript you have to keep in mind that the editor of your journal will receive your reply and he/she may forward them to the reviewers too. Your response should be polite and objective. It should be concise and clear. There should be no space for your ego in your response. Start with thanking them about the mistakes they caught in your manuscript and gave you the chance to improve your manuscript.

Make a List of Reviewers Comments for research paper revision

You have to cover all the comments. Make it easy by making a list of all the comments so that you will respond to each n every comment. Organize the comments in a way that you address each comment separately. Don’t show your laziness by mentioning answered or fixed in the manuscript. Be clear about how you responded by mentioning the line number and page where the manuscript line fits.

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Make it Easy for the Editor to Understand Revision of the research Paper

As you know that editors are busy people, you have to be organized and make re-submission easy so that the revision process runs easily and smoothly. To left an impression of an organized person you have to do these four simple steps.

  1. Prepare a nice cover letter

Write a brief and courteous cover letter addressing to the editor your re-submission. Your letter should contain the manuscript detail and a brief statement to note the re-submission. Don’t forget to mention a thanks for giving you the chance to improve your manuscript.

  1. Mention the index of responses

Include the list you made of responses so that it will be easy for the editor to see your reply towards the responses. The list of responses paints you as an organized researcher.

  1. Clear the revised manuscript

Attach the revised manuscript with the changes highlighted. Do use a tool to make it more easy for the editor to re-revise your manuscript.

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4. Final copy of manuscript

Submit the final copy of the manuscript to show the final work.

Revising a manuscript can be managed calmly. Tensing the situation will make it worse so keep yourself cool. Sometimes a delay in some work can be good chance to improve your work.

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