How to Write an Introduction to a Research Paper?

Writing an Effective Introduction for your Research Manuscript

This article provides a list of easy steps for writing an effective introduction to a research paper.

A research paper is a detailed essay that presents your thoughts and solution you think can help. When you write a research paper you write each and everything you know about the topic. Writing a research paper is not an easy task you have to follow some steps to write an effective research paper.

Steps for writing an introduction to a research paper

1. Search the background of your topic

You should have every possible information about your topic. Search and read a lot of websites regarding your topic. When you are going to write the introduction of your research paper you have to include the history of your topic so make sure that you have knowledge about the history of the topic on which you are doing research.

2. Evaluate the information you found useful

Not down the information you want to include in your introduction. If you are looking in a book highlight the points. Make a rough draft of all the information you gathered.

3. Now evaluate the interesting information

Gather those points, information that will engage the reader to read your research paper further. Don’t forget to include the detail from where you find that information do mention the sources.

4. How to write the introduction

An introduction is the most basic part which the reader reads. So, the definitions, facts, the information you will include should be authentic and easy. If the introduction is easy to understand by the reader then he will also proceed to the other parts of the research paper. So it’s important that you work on the introduction and make sure you get it right.

Start with introducing your topic. Tell the reader about your research paper includes why you have carried out this research. Engage the reader by telling some interesting fact so that the reader’s interest develops. Include some history and background of the topic. State your hypothesis that what you think can further solutions can be taken out from this research. Do mention a quotation at the beginning which relates to your topic. Do give an appropriate structure to your introduction in a way that each line is connected with the other. Explain the concept of your research.

During research work no doubt it’s a hectic job but it’s worth your hard work. You have to work day and night gather true information, right facts, reasons to prove your research, conflict-free thoughts and hypothesis which you are mentioning should be relatable so that it will be worthy for the reader to read your research. Don’t be in a hurry to just complete the research and include false information or illusions of your own because it will only cancel your research work and it will be a great loss for you as you have spent your time in making the research. Be loyal to your work because your research portrays you as a good or a bad researcher.

While Writing an introduction keep these points in your mind and write a paragraph for every heading with references.

  • First, write Background of the research topic
  • Significance of the Research
  • Latest developments
  • Reasons to conduct the research and its real-life applications

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