How to Write an Invitation Letter? Formal Invitation Letter Tips and Suggestions

6 key Points of Writing an Invitation Letter

Invitation letters present a formal invitation for the appearance of an individual, an organization, a celebrity, or a famous personality. It is not necessary that invitation letters are only written to upper-class people but it can be written for friends and family also but people nowadays rather than writing an invitation letter they just informally invite them through a message or a call.  Invitation letters have a formal tone. The formal invitation letter describes the brief about the event and how much the presence of the person is important who is receiving the invitation. Invitation letters are sent two weeks before the event day so that the invited guest plans their schedule to be present at the event.

In this article, we will tell you about how to write an invitation letter so let’s start!

If you are writing an invitation letter through email than 

Mention the Subject Line of the Invitation Letter

The subject should clearly represent the theme of the event. For example, you are inviting a celebrity to a charity event in Karachi then the subject line will be “invitation for a charity event in Karachi”.

Write the Letter Head

Mention the organization’s letterhead which will represent the authority of the organization in a professional way.

Start with A Sweet Gesture while writing a Letter of invitation

Start your letter by greeting the person to whom you are sending the letter.  For example, dear sir/ma’am. End the greeting with a comma and skip the line. To make the invitation letter more appealing use these phrases

  • We are happy to invite you …
  • I will be glad if you come …
  • It will be a pleasure to have you at our event …
  • Would you like to join our event …
  • Our organization will be honored to have you …

Body of the Letter of Invitation

At the start, you will mention the motive of the event, the place where the event will commence, the time when the event will start. In the second paragraph, you will tell them why their presence is important in the event. Moreover, you will list the special guest and activities which will take place in the event.

Provide the additional instructions which every guest has to fulfill like

  • Submitting registration form.
  • Copy of the invitation
  • Dress code

Furthermore, you need to mention the basic details address, time, date, time to arrive and leave, location, special activities, and programs.

The closing of the Invitation Letter

Show your gratitude for reading your invitation. Mention contact detail and email so that if the reader has any queries he\she can easily get in touch. Also if you want any confirmation from them about they are willing to attend or not, also ask them to confirm. The end of the letter should be like this

Thank you for your consideration. We sincerely hope that you will accept our invitation, and we look forward to your presence.


Your Name: XYZ
Title: ABC
Company Name: XYZ. ltd
City, State

Contact phone number:
Email: xyz@mail.com

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