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Fulbright Scholarship 2023-2024

Do you want to begin your journey to study in the USA? There’s good news! Many entirely funded scholarship opportunities are offered in the United States of America for students from abroad. In this post, we’ll provide a detailed explanation of fully-funded scholarships offered by the top universities in the USA, along with their benefits and the steps to apply for them.

More than 1500 fully-funded Scholarships  2023-2024 are offered in USA best universities to international students. These scholarships offer monthly stipends of $1000. This is together with tuition fees as well as accommodation and medical insurance, and travel allowance

Apply for fully-funded scholarships and realize your dreams of attending top universities worldwide like Yale University USA, Harvard University USA, Clark University, Boise State University, Berea College, and many more.

Fulbright Scholarship

Fulbright Scholarships are fully-funded scholarships available to international students. They are only available to students pursuing masters or Ph.D. studies. Fulbright Foreign Student Program covers all tuition fees and a living stipend. It also covers the total cost of accommodation and health insurance, and airfare.

  • University: USA Universities
  • Country: USA
  • Program: Masters / PhD

Eligibility Criteria Fulbright Scholarships

To be considered for the Fulbright Award, applicants need to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Required Language: English
  • Acceptable Countries: International students from 155 nations across the globe.
  • The eligibility criteria for programs and the selection process differ widely from country to country.
  • Check out the websites for your country for information on this Program. Fulbright Program in your home country and the eligibility requirements and guidelines for applying.

How to Apply for Fulbright Scholarship 

Follow the step-by-step procedure to apply for the Fulbright award 2022.

(1) Make Online Application

To apply for the Fulbright Program, you must gather various documents to help the USEFP evaluate your credentials. Therefore, all documents must be submitted along with your application.

(2) Prepare Academic Transcripts and Degrees

All transcripts and degrees of an undergraduate degree of four years or equivalent programs may include international three-year bachelor degrees or ACCA. Ph.D. applicants must provide MPhil and MS degrees as well as transcripts. It is also possible to apply you are in your final year of undergraduate studies if you graduate in December of this year.

The USEFP examines your transcripts from a comprehensive standpoint – not only your GPA. They consider the institution you attended for your studies, the courses you attended and the performances in each course. They also consider the fact that various universities use different grading systems. There is no required GPA for applicants, though most successful Fulbright applicants have an impressive undergraduate record. The academics of a student at university is just one of the factors that the Fulbright panel looks at when evaluating an applicant.

(3) Take GRE General Test and TOFEL

In the process of submitting your application, you can report the not-official GRE score you received at the time of taking the exam and your final score if you’ve received it. Each applicant must make an application to have ETS provide its official scores directly to USEFP with an identifier of 9388. General GRE (international) score reports are needed when applying. A satisfactory result for Engineering and Sciences on the GRE is 315+, and those for other fields are 300+. GRE subject tests are not necessary.

The minimum GRE score required to be eligible for Fulbright is 138. The minimum score required to apply for Fulbright is 138 in verbal and 136 in quantitative. Those accepted must generally have the GRE score in the higher percentiles. When you have taken the GRE test more than once and report your highest score, Fulbright will solely look at your score. The TOEFL test is not required during the application submission. However, it is mandatory to pass the TOEFL exam if selected for an interview. It is an unacceptable test for IELTS.

(4) Prepare Two Essays

Two essays are required that must be submitted with application to the Fulbright application. The essay should be written according to the guidelines on the application form. It is approximately up to 800-800 words. Do not over-write your essays. Just write straightforwardly to ensure your Fulbright panel who don’t know your background can comprehend you more easily. Before beginning your essays, you’ll need to devise your marketing plan. The most successful applicants typically spend approximately 4-6 weeks writing and polishing their essays.

(5) 3 recommendation Letters are mandatory

You must submit three recommendations included in your application before the application deadline. It is possible to submit three academic reference letters two academics, one professional or two academic and one professional. Also, one Academic reference letters are mandatory. The referees must fill out the reference form provided in your application package. They must then seal, sign and stamp the envelope. After submitting the online application, your reference persons will receive an online form by email.

There isn’t a standard formula to determine “who should write your references.” It is sometimes not feasible to request your employer provide your recommendation – USEFP is not looking to risk your job to complete your application. Instead, find someone who knows your well enough to respond to these questions. It could be a former teacher, employer or researcher.

(6) Prepare Academic Resume

When filling out the online application, the most current and up-to-date resume should be included in the area. There is no need to submit it in any specific design or format.

(7) Submit Online Application

There is no fee for application in this Fulbright Program. However, the application must be made online.

(8) Interview

Once your application is submitted and reviewed, you could be invited to an interview panel. The decision to interview is made in mid-September, and interviews are held in October. If you don’t receive a response from USEFP in October, it automatically suggests that you haven’t been chosen. Interviews are a good sign of being selected, but it’s not a guarantee of acceptance. Interviews take between 15 and 30 minutes long and are held by a panel comprised of four people. You must bring your TOEFL registration form along on the day of your interview. It is not required to take the TOEFL exam before your interview date.

It is essential to check the official website (the link below) and the websites specific to the country for more detailed information about applying for this scholarship.

Fulbright Scholarship 2022-2023 deadline varies per country. However, generally, it falls from February through October each year.


To learn more about the Fulbright Scholarship, please visit its official website:

Official Website

#1 Stanford University Scholarships

Stanford University offers a fully-funded scholarship for international students. This Program is for students pursuing Master or Ph.D. studies. The given scholarship provides full-tuition costs, travel allowance, living allowance, and academic costs.

  • University: Stanford University
  • Country: USA
  • Program: Masters / PhD

Eligibility Criteria for Stanford University Scholarships

To be eligible for Stanford University Scholarships, the following are the criteria for eligibility:

  • Required Languages: English
  • Countries eligible: All world countries can apply for the Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program.
  • You have to submit your Knight-Hennessy Scholars form and your entire application process, including any standardized tests your graduate program requires (GMAT GRE, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc.). If necessary, you must take an English aptitude test.
  • It would be best if you were ambitious in the broadest sense and driven to make improvements in yourself, and ready to risk it all. Self-aware and persistent and bounces back from challenges. Personally humble, compassionate, and inclusive, who respects differences, is concerned about and helpful to those around them and has a low ego.
  • To pursue a degree at Stanford, you must be proficient in English, including listening to, reading, speaking and writing. The minimum score required for TOEFL in most postgraduate programs at Stanford is 600PBT or 100iBT. All Stanford graduate degree programs can accept the TOEFL test, and the MBA Program also accepts the PTE and IELTS. Find out more information about the scores on this page.
  • In addition to applying for Knight-Hennessy Scholars, it is necessary to apply, be approved by, and enroll in a full-time Stanford Graduate degree course. The Knight-Hennessy Scholar you are applying to must be a new student in a Stanford graduate program, including DMA, JD, MA, MBA, MD, MFA, MPP, MS and Ph.D. degrees. There are no quotas for any department or Program. It is important to note that we prioritize applicants who have a minimum of two years of study at Stanford.

#2 Yale University Scholarship 2023

  • University: Yale University
  • Country: USA
  • Program: Undergraduate / Masters / PhD

#3 University Of New Haven Scholarship

University of New Haven Scholarship is a fully-funded award to an international student. This scholarship is offered only to students pursuing Master’s degrees. The scholarship will offer educational experience and work opportunities throughout their Master’s degree program. In addition, they will receive 75% tuition assistance and hourly pay.

  • University: University of New Haven
  • Country: USA
  • Program: Masters

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#5 University Of Memphis fully-funded scholarships

The University of Memphis Scholarship is an award that is open to students from all over the world. This scholarship is available for master’s and undergraduate studies. The scholarships vary and cover the differences between international and domestic non-resident tuition fees.

  • University: University of Memphis
  • Country: USA
  • Program: Undergraduate / Masters

#6 University of Minnesota Fellowship

The University of Minnesota Fellowship is fully funded to an international student. The award is to students pursuing Master’s studies. This scholarship covers the cost of tuition, living expenses, travel, and health insurance.

  • University: University of Minnesota
  • Country USA
  • Program: Masters

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#7 AAUW International Fellowship

ACI Foundation Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship or fellowship that is open to students from all over the world. The scholarship is available for masters, undergraduates, Ph.D. and Postdoctoral studies. This scholarship will provide you with a $10,000 to $15,000 US education stipend to cover housing, tuition books, materials, and other reading.

  • University: ACI Foundation
  • Country: USA
  • Program: Undergraduate / Masters / PhD / Postdoctoral

#8 ACI Foundation fully-funded scholarships

ACI Foundation Scholarship is a fully-funded fellowship or scholarship that is open to students from all over the world. The scholarship is available for masters, undergraduates, Ph.D. and Postdoctoral studies. The scholarship is worth a $10,000 – $15,000 US education stipend to cover tuition, housing books, materials, and other reading.

  • University: ACI Foundation
  • Country: USA
  • Program: Undergraduate / Masters / PhD / Postdoctoral

#9 Once Sawiris fully-funded scholarships

Once Sawiris Scholars Program is a fully-funded master and undergraduate scholarship available to international students. This scholarship covers tuition, living expenses, health insurance and travel.

  • University: Stanford University, The University of Chicago, Harvard University, The University of Pennsylvania.
  • Country USA
  • Program: Undergraduate / Masters

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#10 Rotary Peace Fellowship Program 2023

Rotary Peace Fellowships offer fully-funded scholarships that are open to students from all over the world. However, they are only available to students pursuing master’s or Ph.D. studies. Rotary Peace Fellowships Program covers fees and tuition, accommodation and board round-trip travel, and all expenses associated with field and internship.

  • institution: Universities in below countries
  • Studied in USA, Japan, UK, Australia, Sweden, Thailand
  • Level of Study: Masters/ Certificate Studies




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