Most frequently used Confused Words.

Confused Words and their Meanings

This post enlists the most frequently confused words that many people use wrongly in general as well as academic writings.

What are confused words? 

Confused words are words that have the same pronunciation but have different meanings and concepts. You may have come across the confused words while writing your exam essays, IELTS essays, and while writing any piece of work.

Here we have listed some of the most used confused words and Their Meanings.

Words Meanings Sentence example

Cache Vs. Cash

Cache(noun) A very safe place to store anything or hidden in a secure place The Bikers found some cache with some cash and valuables.


Cash(noun) Money,<coins < Bills I have 500 dollar cash.

Desert Vs. Dessert

Desert(verb) To abandon or forsake. Leave without informing or permission Police should not desert their stations
Desert(noun) Sandy, dry or barren region The largest Desert in the universe is Sahara


Dessert(noun) A sweet dish served at the end of any meal I love to eat dessert after dinner.

Lose Vs. Loose

Lose(verb) To fail, Unable to gain or find Did you lose your book again?

How many games did you lose last year?

Loose(adjective) Not fit or tight, giving enough space I have lost 20kg weight and now this dress is really loose.

Accept Vs. Except

Accept(verb) To agree, to receive I accept your invitation to attain your wedding.
Except(conjunction) Otherwise, apart from, then When Bean travels he packs everything except his shaving kit.

A lot vs. Allot

A Lot(noun phrase) Many, much, note: A Lot is always a separate word not a single word. A lot of Sunny’s friends came to my birthday party.
Allot(verb) To assign or distribute, to give Everyone in the speech competition was allotted five minutes.

Complement Vs. Compliment

Complement (noun) To make complete, The completes or brings to perfection Bear is a nice complement to the barbecue.
Compliment(noun) Admire, something said to praise Thank you for your compliment on my dress.

Borrow Vs. lend

Borrow(verb) To accept or take something to return it after a short time to its owner May I borrow your pen, please?
Lend(verb) To give something for a short time to take it back. Would you please lend me a laptop?

Comprise Vs. Compose

Comprise(verb) To contain, to include, to consist The united states comprise several states.
Compose(verb) Makeup, to form in combination, consist of One hundred countries compose the state of North Africa

Sell vs. Sale

Sell(verb) To deliver, to give,  for exchange of money Zara sells good quality of clothes.
Sale(noun) The act of selling something, Chinese single-day sales give a lot of customers hope to do their favorite brand shopping.

Sight Vs. Site Vs. Cite

Sight(noun) Something seen or to see It was a good sight to get refreshed. She was a sight for sore eyes.


Site(noun) A piece of land is considered for a special purpose or specific purpose. The barren lot was a perfect site for a new supermarket.
Cite(verb) To write or show the source of the information She could not cite the information correctly.

Could of Vs. could have

Could of Incorrect use of the verb phrase could have in any sentence  


Could Have The past perfect tense of the verb (could). I could have complete my assignment but I slept for four hours.




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