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Following is a sample of a cover letter that students may you while submitting a manuscript. 

Journal of Water Process Engineering

December 29, 2019
Subject: submission of a manuscript

Dear editor;

On behalf of my co-authors, I would like to submit the manuscript as a review article enclosing herewith a manuscript entitled ‘Water decontamination by 3D Graphene-based Materials: A reviewfor possible publication in the Journal of Water Process Engineering. This manuscript has not been submitted for publication nor has been published in whole or in part elsewhere. I attest to the fact that all authors listed on the title page have read the manuscript, attest to the validity and legitimacy of the data and its interpretation, and agree to its submission to the online  Journal of Water Process Engineering. The contents of this manuscript will not be copyrighted, submitted, or published elsewhere, while acceptance by the Journal is under consideration. We confirm that we have read and have abided by the statement of ethical standard for manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Water Process Engineering. The authors have no conflict of interest to declare.

 Some aspects of our work:

Why are you submitting it to this journal?

We believe that our work is a good fit for the readers of the Journal of Water Process Engineering because 3D graphene-based Materials for wastewater treatment have attracted huge attention in research recently because of their high surface area, large porosity, and easy regeneration. And this journal’s readers are the right people who will definitely be interested to understand the major aspects of this study

Why will the journal’s audience be interested in this paper?

This Review paper is based on the synthesis and application of 3D graphene-based materials and their photocatalytic and adsorptive performance towards dyes, heavy metals, and oil spills. That means the readers of this journal will definitely be interested in reading this paper as it contains critical environmental issues and futuristic aspects.

What applications is the technology described in the manuscript going to be useful for?

This review contains the synthetic routes of 3D Graphene-based materials, their applications in photocatalysis, adsorption/degradation of organic pollutants, removal of dyes, heavy metals from water.

Please consider our work for inclusion in the Journal of Water Process Engineering. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest.  Thank you.

Corresponding author;


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