Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) 2023-2024

SINGA 2023-2024 for International Students

Deadline 17 Jun, 2022
Opening date 08 Dec, 2022
Days Remaining Closed
Category Scholarships
Type Fully Funded
Location Singapore

Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) 2023-2024 is a merit-based award that recognizes all international students with outstanding academic record. SINGA program 2023-24 entices students with outstanding talents from all over the world to pursue their doctoral studies at the top universities in Singapore. Graduates can pursue their PhD within the field that relates to science or technology with this global fully-funded opportunity for scholarships within one of the most advanced academically-advanced countries. This award for graduate students is a full-time research award where the fellows will be monitored by top-quality mentors and supervisors, which aids fellows attain the highest quality in their research and field of study.

SINGA is a platform for students from all backgrounds, and it helps Singapore to become a global centre of excellence. SINGA acts as a bridge between the top minds from around across the world as well as Singapore. Students from all over the world are able to study for their doctoral degrees at universities such as Nanyang Technological University, the National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, and the Singapore University of Technology. This is due to the fact that Singapore International Graduate Award is an initiative of these universities as well as the Agency for Science. Thus, candidates with a keen interest in conducting research that leads to a PhD in Science and Engineering are sincerely invited to apply for this award.

This year’s Singapore government scholarship 2023-24 Fellows will continue their studies in the creative and sophisticated labs of the A*STAR Research Institutes located in Singapore. They will also learn to live in a multicultural and diverse community while studying with fellow students and mentors from different nationalities. Apart from all these academic benefits they will also get a firsthand knowledge of how even the smallest country can become economically and socially prosperous and empowered. The fellowships in this PhD scholarship for four years gives them the opportunity to examine Singapore in all its aspects, whether in terms of education, culture as well as political. They will be able to see into the ways in which Singapore is now an entry point to many of the emerging economies of the Asia Pacific region. Therefore, the international PhD award from Singapore gives international students many valuable experiences that they can utilize to influence changes in their home countries.

The fully-funded doctoral fellowship located in Singapore is an exceptional program as it provides a PhD program right after completion of the bachelor’s degree. Furthermore there is no requirement that applicants who completed the master’s degree can not apply. Rather it is a matter of choice. SINGA option also permits graduate students degree to pursue their PhD by removing certain courses that students who have completed their bachelor’s degree must take in order to finish their PhD. Therefore, the international scholarship program in Singapore gives every chance for those who wish to apply to SINGA to realize its goal of connecting talent from around the world and fostering collaborations. The evidence of SINGA’s goal of collaboration is evident by the fact that SINGA fellows will be awarded degrees from any of these collaboration universities i.e. NTU, NUS, SUTD, and SMU.

Details of Singapore International Graduate Award
(SINGA) 2023-2024

Country: Singapore
Organization: NTU, NUS, A*STAR Research Institutes, SUTD
Degree Level: PhD/ Doctorate
Duration: Four Years

Benefits of SINGA 2023-2024 for international students

  • SINGA covers the tuition costs of winners.
  • Fellows will be paid the monthly allowance of S$ 22,000.
  • The monthly stipend is raised by S$ 2500 when you are qualified for the exam.
  • The winner will be awarded one-time travel grants that can be as high as S1500 dollars.
  • Fellows will be awarded an one-time settlement payment of S$1,000.
  • The allowance for settling-in will be offered up to S$ 1,000.

Eligibility Criteria of Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) 2023

  • Candidates must be students studying abroad.
  • The applicants must hold the bachelor’s degree.
  • The applicants must be able to demonstrate excellent academic record.
  • The applicant should be fluent with speaking the English language.
  • SINGA requires no certification to prove English Language Proficiency as it is assessed in the interview. However, an English Language Certificate can be required by the particular university.
  • Singaporean citizens or those who have completed the tertiary level in Singapore cannot apply.
  • The applicants who would like to apply to the master’s program are not qualified.
  • Only those who wish to pursue a Ph.D. in science and engineering are eligible.
  • PhD programs in humanities, social sciences economics, and the like are not considered to be eligible.

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Application Procedure for Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) 2023 

  • Candidates are required to upload all necessary documents online.
  • The applicants must choose the research project by browsing the available projects under “Go to Research Areas”.
  • The referees need to submit the reference letters direct to SINGA.
  • The application process will begin when at least two references letters have been delivered to SINGA.
  • Soft copies of the necessary documents must be uploaded onto the application online.
  • Students who are applying via the SINGA portal do not need to fill out the university portals separately.
  • Make sure not to send your applications more than two weeks prior to the deadline date because once your application is received, the referees will be sent an email, and have 7 days to complete the application and then send the letters of reference.
  • The applicants must write their research plans in the application forms.
  • The candidate is able to make more than one or three research proposals.
  • There is no requirement to call the supervisor you to submit an application for SINGA.
  • Candidates can apply for any field of study to pursue a PhD as there’s no requirement to choose a major field in the bachelor.

Documents Required for Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) 2023-2024

Prepare the documents below prior to applying.
Be aware that you should not mail any documents that are hardcopy to the SINGA Office. All documents required must be uploaded online.

a. Valid Passport
b. A recent passport-sized image (in .jpeg (or .png format)

3.Transcripts & Reports
ALL transcripts must include an English translation


  • Academic transcripts for Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees.
  • The Bachelor’s degree certificate(s) or scroll(s) or the letter of confirmation from the institution confirming your candidacy in case your degree certificate or scroll has not been issued.
  • Two report of recommendation (to be filled out and uploaded by the individuals who are the referees).
  • All applicants who are applying to NUS supervisors or projects are required to provide your GRE scores on the SINGA Application Form.
  • If you are not a candidate for all other applicants, you may be required by the university to provide satisfactory GRE scores to satisfy the admission requirements for universities.
  • The submission of IELTS/ TOEFL / SAT I and II/GATE scores is not required as well. It may be requested at a later date by the school to allow admission.

Application Deadline SINGA 2023-2024

    • The deadline for applications to this SINGA Research Scholarship in Singapore is the 1st of June in 2023.

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