List of Documents Needed to Apply for a Scholarship in 2022

You need to be extra conscious while submitting your documents for scholarship because errors in documents can’t be sorted once you sent them. You just need to be a little bit more careful in preparing your scholarship application. Most of the students misplace their original documents in hurry, We will suggest you please complete your documentation stuff on time and ensure the safety of your original documents.

You need to prepare yourself for the scholarship as soon as possible because it will decrease the academic financial burdens off your shoulders.

It is advised to contact a university personal before you apply for a scholarship even if you are a bright student, this will maximize your chances of winning the scholarship.

The list of Documents required to apply for a scholarship are as follow;

Most commonly the documents needed to apply for a scholarship are the same as the documents you submit for a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

However, generally following documents are required:

#1. Complete Application form

The basic requirement is filling the scholarship application form. Hence, make sure to fill every column of the form accurately before you submit it.

#2. Copy of National ID or Passport

The second important requirement is the submission of a copy of your ID card or passport. One of the most important things is to make sure that your passport is valid even for six months after the completion of the degree. Most universities demand to attach the only first page of your passport that contains all the necessary information about you.

#3. Attested copies of transcripts or Certificates

3rd important step is submitting the attested transcripts or certificates of your previous degree or school. Make sure, the copies of documents should have original signs or stamps of officials to avoid rejection. This will higher your chances of winning a scholarship.

You also need to submit the certification of English proficiency examination. Different universities demand different proficiency exams, so make sure to apply that which your university is accepting.

Some of the recommended exams are:

  • IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge for the English language.
  • DELE for the Spanish Language
  • DELF or DALF for the French language
  • AND, DSH, TestDAF, OSD, or telc for the German language

#4. Letter of motivation

Your letter of motivation explains your future goals and objectives. Hence, stay precise in your letter and don’t add misleading or wrong information. You have to clearly show how you will utilize this opportunity for future growth and development.

#5. Recommendation letter

You have to submit a recommendation letter along with your application form. Some universities expect one recommendation form but some institutions require two letters of recommendation. In either case, a recommendation letter from your teacher or supervisor is necessary because they can say much about your academic achievements.

Recommendation letters provide the scholarship provider an opportunity to know about your intellectual abilities more clearly.

#6. CV or Resume

To achieve a scholarship successfully, you need to submit a resume. It doesn’t mean the scholarship provider looks for your professional experience but they are interested in your study experience, hobbies, your interest, and leadership qualities. Here again, don’t exaggerate things, write the real experience with correct information.

#7. Scoring in standardized tests

Almost all institutions require you to pass some standard tests like SAT, GRE, ACT, GPA, etc. Institutes prefer students with high scores on these tests but it doesn’t mean the low scorers will not get the scholarship. Instead, they check slightly all the documents before recommendation.

#8. Research proposal or study plan

Most of the institutes require a study plan from master’s degree students and a research proposal from doctoral degree applicants.

Additional documents

Along with the documents mentioned above, you may need to submit some additional documents depends on the university or college you are applying for a scholarship. This may include the following:

#1. Scholarship essays

Some universities may ask you to submit scholarship essays related to the scholarship topics. Keep the number of words to the limit and try to portray your academic achievements in it.

#2. Portfolio

Some institutes might ask you to submit your portfolio, especially when you are applying for arts, design, or other similar degrees. Your portfolio will show your GPA score in the last degree completion.

#3. Financial statement of parents and tax returns

In some cases, to make yourself eligible for the scholarship, you need to submit the annual income of your parents with proof.

#4. Medical clearance

You will have to submit a medical report of your complete physical health. This medical certification should be issued by a registered medical practitioner or government hospital.

Always submit the documents in two languages that are in the national language of that country you are applying to and the other is in English.

Some final tips

  • After taking all the above-mentioned steps,
  • Check all the documents for proofreading
  • Don’t exceed the word limit
  • Submit only required documents.
  • Keep a photocopy of all the documents with you for future use.
  • Submit before the due date.

Dr. Bano

Dr.Bano is our guest Author . She Has won Different scholarships nationally and Internationally. Her mission is to guide new students about foreign Scholarships, Fellowships and Grants. We are very pleased to have her as our guest Author.

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