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Deadline 01 Nov, 2024
Opening date 23 Aug, 2023
Days Remaining 519
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Type Fully Funded
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The Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025 is among the United Kingdom (UK’s)  top scholarships and offers fully funded scholarships to all aspiring candidates from Chevening members or eligible countries for a whole year master’s degree program at a UK university. As the UK’s best educational institution in the world, it has always been a learning destination for students around the world. The Chevening UK Government Scholarship Scheme is one of the best opportunities for self-motivated, talented and outstanding students who has an aim of excelling in their career being part of the top universities of UK while getting education from these renowned universities.

Fully funded Chevening Scholarships and grants 2022 are now open to students from across the globe who are willing to study with a fully funded scholarship in the UK. The Chevening Scholarship fully funds emerging leaders to pursue a one-year master’s program in any UK university.

Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025 Coverage

The full scholarship of Chevening program includes:

  • If you are not getting any other scholarship then Chevening will pay your full tuition fee.
  • Chevening scholarship will also cover monthly stipend that can vary from city to city
  • It will also cover travel expenses that includes the airfare tickets economy class, visa cost and departure cost.
  • If a TB test is needed, a stipend of EUR 75 will be provided for this purpose.
  • Travel allowances will also be provided by the Chevening Scholarships.
  • The scholarship coverage can vary if you already are getting any scholarship from an organization other than Chevening.

Eligible Criteria for Winning Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025

Candidates should fill the application form with correct information to be one of the eligible candidates for this scholarship. Applicants must enter all information correctly to be eligible for this scholarship. To stay away from the mistakes you should first read all the instructions given in this link.  To avoid such errors, applicants must read this link. To receive a fully funded Chevening scholarship, applicants must fulfill the requirements given below.

  • An undergraduate degree must be completed upon application.
  • Applicant Must have a citizenship of a country eligible for the Chevening Scholarship
  • Candidates who have already filled application form for three universities for a MS degree  and have been offered unconditional admission from any of these universities can apply for Chevening scholarship.
  • After the completion of the masters degree program you must get return to your home country.
  • to apply for Chevening scholarship applicant must have two years of working experience that should be equal to 2800 hrs.
  • Ineligibility

  • If an applicant contains UK or dual UK citizenship (if you are a UK overseas citizen applying for and holding BN(0) from Hong Kong)
  • Applicants may not apply if they are former employees or relatives of employees who have worked for the organization in the last two years of the Chevening program.
  • Those candidates who have previously studied for other scholarships in the UK

Application Procedure for Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025

All Chevening scholarship applications are submitted through the online application system (the application link is available at the end of the article). It is important to enter the following information accurately.

  • Don’t forget to enter a valid email address.
  • Enter a correct information to contact
  • To reply back the queries raised in the application form you should count the words. Minimum word count is 100 words and maximum is 500 words. So be careful while answering the questions.
  • Do not copy paste the information from other sources in the internet. if done then your content will be listed as plagiarized and you will be withdrawn from the scholarship procedure.
  • While filling application form save every step after completion
  • The Application form to be filled online you should use documents like JPG, PNG and PDF. It only accepts these formats while uploading documents in the application portal.
  • Carefully revise the application form you filled and go through it multiple times before submission. Because once you submit the form you can not edit it later so save each step and read it before submission.

Documents required for the Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025 Application

The applicants must submit the application documents when they are complete and ready to upload. Students should submit their placement documents when they are ready. Two reference or recommendation letters are required from the applicant. The referee should be a person who knows the candidate well academically or professionally. Who could comment on the candidates mental and physical abilities. The candidates are required to fully guide the person who will provide the reference letter in order to avoid any mistake. References will be submitted by the deadline.

Tips for Writing an Impressive Reference Letter

The Reference Letter must contain the given information

  • The language of instruction should be in English. If provided in any other language then original copy of the translated version should be provided.
  • It should contain the full contact details of the referee’s Such as email Address, phone number
  • It should mention the years that the referee knows the applicant
  • how long and when was the last contact of the referee with the applicant.
  • A brief introduction of the applicant and must mention that how the candidate is eligible for the scholarship mentally and academically.

If you get an interview call then you should feel happy that you are among the strong applicants for the Chevening scholarship. The interviews will be taken in the month of march and April so please be updated. The language of interview will be English so be prepared for that and make yourself available for the interview. While in the interview, all the questions will be asked from the application form that you have answered in the time of filling the form. The US embassy will take the interview in your respective countries and it will conduct an interview for assessment of the candidates competency.

  • Take your national ID card and Passport with you
  • Submit all your documents online before going to US embassy
  • Keep the Hard copies of your necessary documents and reference letters with you
  • Before going to the interview first write a short biography of yourself and submit it online.

Timeline of Chevening Scholarship 2024-2025 /Fellowship

  • Chevening scholarship application will get start on 3rd August 2021.
  • The closing of the application form is 2nd November 2022.
  • All the online applications will be evaluated by the admission board from the mid of November to December
  • In the mid and start of February candidates will be selected for the interview
  • All the important documents and references are needed from the start of February to the end of April.
  • From the beginning of March to 29 April interviews will be held at embassy of US
  • The result will be announced in the earlier June. 

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