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Different Modes of Transport in Pakistan

This post discusses the different modes of transport in Pakistan. Before discussing the modes of transport, it’s important for students to know the evolution and meaning of the term ‘transport. 


In primitive societies, humans moved and carried things from one place to another without use of any transport. With time, man domesticated animals and learned to use them as means of transport i.e. horses, bullocks, and donkeys, etc. The man also learned to make boats and ships to travel and transport things from one place to another. Later on, the wheel was discovered which was a revolutionary development that led to the make and use of wooden carts etc.

At the end of the seventieth century, the steam engine was invented with which kicked off the era of trains and vehicles making travel and transportation more easy and fast. The development did not stop here, the invention of the steam engine was the next step followed by the discovery of fossil fuels. Today petroleum and petroleum products are the main sources of fuel used in all types of modern transport.

What does the term ‘Transport’ refer to? 

The term ‘transport’ refers to any means through which we travel or move goods from one place to another place.

Modes of transport

Transport is categorized into three main modes e.g. land transport, water transport, and air transport.

Land Transport

Another important mode of transport is land transport which includes all those transports which move on land i.e. rickshaw, car, motor bike, bus, train, etc. 

Land transport is further divided into two sub types of transport i.e. road transport and railways.

Road Transport

All vehicles that move on the road fall under the category of road transport. Some of the examples of road transport are cars, trucks, buses, motor bike, etc. The road is central to this type of transport. An increase in the network, length, and types of roads help cater to travel needs and carriages of goods. Countries with well-maintained highways, motorways, expressways, inter and intra-city roads, and link roads are considered to have efficient road transport systems.

Train Transport

The second category of land transport, the railways is another popular mode of transport in both developed and developing nations in the world. Train transport is different from road transport or any other mode of transport as it runs on rails which are located on the tracks. In the beginning, wooden rails were in use which was followed by metal rails later. Similarly, rains have evolved from steam-powered trains to diesel and electric high-speed rails. In developed countries, the diesel engine has been replaced by many high-speed bullet trains powered by electricity.

Air transport

Air transport refers to all those man-made vehicles and conveyances used for travel and transportation of goods through the air. Some of the examples of air transport are passenger airplanes, helicopters, parachutes, gliders, jet fighters. Air transport is the most famous mode of passenger traffic among states because of being quick and comfortable.

Water transport

Water transport refers to all such devices and structures made by human beings which run on the body of water such as rivers, seas, oceans, lakes,s, etc. There are two main types of water transport e.g. Sea transport and inland water transport. Sea transport is mostly used for international trade. The bulk of unperishable goods is transported by ships from one country to another. Inland transport refers to means of transport used in rivers, canals, and lakes. Inland water transport includes boats etc.

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