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Answer key for MCQs Grade 9

Following is the answer key for Pak-studies MCQs for Grade 9

  1. Option “A” (Simla Deputation 1906) 
  2.  Option “D” (Muslims had prior bitter experience of Congress rule.)
  3. Option “A” (Fossil fuel)
  4. Option ” C” (Agriculture)
  5. Option “B” (Water-logging)
  6. Option “D” (Maritime Climate)
  7. Option “B” (By and large the league failed in the election)
  8. Option “C” (Jinnah’s Islamia College Peshawar Speech 1946)
  9. Option “B” (a united Independent India)
  10. Option “D” (Ineffective election campaign of the league.)
  11. Option “A” (Dominion status after World War II)
  12. Option “C” (Use of public transport)
  13. Option ” B” (urge on joining hands to drive the British out of India by force.)
  14. Option ” A” (Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan)
  15. Option “A” ( 5%)

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