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Deadline 22 Oct, 2021
Opening date 22 Aug, 2021
Days Remaining Closed
Category Scholarships
Type Fully Funded
Location United States (US)

Applications are open for Youth Exchange and Study (YES)  program to study one year for free in USA. The Applications are now open for international students to apply online for one of the International scholarships i.e. YES scholarship 2022 program in USA.

The YES scholarship(Kennedy Lugar youth exchange & study program) was started by the state’s Bureau of cultural and educational affairs USA. This Youth exchange and study program(YES) is for those countries having majority of Muslim populations. With the help of YES program All those students belonging to Muslim majority countries can go to US and Spend a year there. All expenses will be covered by the US government including tuition fee, stationary expenses, travel fair and educational field trips.

All the students who will get selected by the YES program will represent their home countries in the United state’s of America. They will be considered as Country and youth ambassadors to introduce their culture to the USA people.

The Youth ambassadors from Muslim majority countries have an opportunity to create a long lasting connection with their host family. They will also get a chance to make a mutual understanding with their counterparts in USA. Those Lucky one’s who will avail this opportunity will live with a US family and they will also get admission in high school in America. The purpose of this Youth Exchange and study program is to give leadership skills to the students of less developed countries. They will learn the US Culture, Their values and About their society during their one year stay in America.

In return Students of YES Scholarship will have a chance to educate US community and society about their home countries. They can deliver different lectures, and PPTs to present their own values, culture and ethics to the US people. Every candidate will go through a proper channel to get selected for YES scholarships in USA.

Eligible Countries List For Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Scholarship

The YES scholarship Program accepts students from the countries listed below:

Bulgaria | Bosnia | Herzegovina | Bangladesh | Bahrain | Albania | Israel (only Arab Communities) | Indonesia | Asia | India | Ghana | Gaza | Egypt | Cameroon | Liberia | Lebanon | Kuwait | Kosovo | Kenya | Jordon | North Macedonia | Nigeria | Mozambique | Morocco | Mali | Malaysia | Libya | Sierra Leon | South Africa | Suriname | West Bank | Turkey | Tunisia | Thailand | Tanzania | Pakistan| Nepal | Bangladesh

YES program details

  • Host Country: US
  • Coverage: Fully funded
  • Eligible Countries: All Countries with Muslim Majority
  • Deadline: Varies from country-Country (See the below mentioned countries for more details)
  • Level: high School Students

YES Scholarship 2022 Program  Coverage and Benefits

The Exchange program will bear following expenses:

  • Two way Air fare to and from USA to your home country.
  • The YES scholarship winners will get a reimbursement of visa processing fee
  • They will get a chance to study one academic year for free in America
  • Full tuition fee of high school in America will be covered by YES program
  • Students will get 125 USD on monthly basis
  • All the other expenses of the Student will be covered by the host family
  • Students will get a medical insurance for full year and Life insurance once selected for YES program
  • School fee and stationary expenses will be covered

Eligibility Criteria of YES scholarship USA

Under the initiative launched by the United States Government to commit to democratic reform, competition for YES scholarships program is fully based on merit and is now open without any fee to all the interested candidates who fulfills these requirements:

  • Candidates Applying for YES scholarships should be between 15-17 years of age at the time of applying.
  • Should be enrolled in a school in their home countries when you are going to apply for YES scholarships
  • Applicants should have minimum marks of 60% in the last classes attained. The majors which matters for 60% marks are Maths, Science and English. They should have a overall 60% record for last three years to be eligible for this scholarship or program.
  • Students who have any gap in their classes or repeated the same class twice are not eligible for YES program.
  • Candidates who will apply for YES scholarship should have excellent English language skills.
  • They should have minimum of 60% marks for last two years in their English examination.
  • Applicants should meet the US J-1 Visa (check the requirements while applying). E.g. citizens of US are not supposed to apply for Youth Exchange and Study Program.
  • Students who have not travelled to US before.
  • Should be an international Student with Muslim Majority Countries.

Note: Applicants should have minimum 60% marks in all their subjects in the last examination. Because before you travel to USA these marksheets are required to send to the YES scholarship team. They will check your progress in last examination.

Dis-able ?(differently Able ) Students

This YES program aims to support and encourage applicants having disabilities to apply for this Scholarship. The State Department and YES plan to work with the International Action Organization (MIUSA) to offer leaderships building workshop, most authentic knowledge and support to students with disabilities to increase years of their stay in the United States. These Special candidates should meet the mentioned criteria to be eligible for this program. These students can contact YES program offices in their countries.

Required Documents for YES Scholarships program

Students who are going to apply for YES scholarships need to provide the following list of documents while applying:

  • An application form should be completed online
  • There is a terms and conditions form for the applicants. This form should be signed by the applicant, by their parents and guardian.
  • A statement from the Parents or Guardian
  • Transcripts of your high school. That should be uploaded in Pdf version
  • Motivation Letter where you have to write about your interest in YES program
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume (That should be for scholarship application)
  • A photocopy of your passport that should be valid for atleast a year
  • Two recommendation letter’s from previous school teachers
  • English proficiency proof should be provided either IELTs or Tofel

Step-by-Step Process for YES Scholarship Program

#1 Pre-Liminary Application

  • Students who meet the criteria  selection and do agree with the student & parents agreements and other curricula rules should apply for this program. Female candidates and disable students are highly encouraged to apply. Students belongs to poor families can fill application form online and other required forms.
  • Candidates who meet the required criteria, but the schools where you are enrolled if not interested for YES Scholarship program can apply on their own. The application form of the YES program is available on the official website and students can download it, fill it and then send it via courier or by email. All the documents sent through courier will not be returned . So please don’t send your original documents. Only original photocopies are enough for YES scholarship.
  • All the organizations and schools should compile the initial required application documents from applying candidates. Then submit these documents to the center of iEARN in their mother country.

Step-2 Entry Test for The YES Scholarship

After screening the initial application, the finalist will be notified of the YES entrance exam by a letter (proctored paper) to the postal address provided in their first application form submission.

Step-3 Interviews

  • Applicants who will pass the entrance exam will receive an interview letter for the final YES Scholarship application.
  • Students must complete the YES programs last application and must appear in the interview. (Students must include a completed YES final application and the required documents.)

Step=4  iELTS

Applicants who pass the interview must have an English proficiency certificate or should appear in the test of iELTS to get certification and required band for the YES scholarship.

Step-5 Final Screening 

Students will be finalised on the following criteria: first they have to clear the entrance exam of the YES program. Then pass  the interview and provide all the important documents to the YES Program with English proficiency Certificate (IETLS) with minimum required band. Then the Final Lucky students will get selection letters from the director of the YES program Scholarship and acceptance form of scholarship.

Stay tuned with the latest updates by regularly checking the website of the YES scholarship program and their social media pages like fakebook, Instagram and twitter .

Note: If you provide any false document or information in any stage of the selection process will be immediately disqualified from the panel of the selection team. 

Deadline of the YES Scholarship Program

The last date to apply for Yes Scholarship is  October 22, 2021

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Official Website Link

The official links for the online application are given below.

Submit Application
Yes Program





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