How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper?

Tips and Tricks for Writing an Effective Abstract for a Research Paper

Do you know what an abstract is? An abstract is a brief summary of a research paper or thesis.

If you are assigned the abstract part of the research paper don’t stress out. Nothing is easy until it is done. The abstract is writing in which you clearly but concisely describe the research you have done. The abstract provides basic info about the topic.

This article will help to guide you that what to include in your abstract.

Types of Abstract of a Research Paper

Through an abstract, you deliver a brief outline of a research project. It can be of two types; Descriptive or informative.  If you know that what type is given to you then it is easy to proceed but if you don’t know that first of all determine that on which you are going to write.

  • If you are willing to write a descriptive abstract the best option is to include explanations of the research topic, you should also include purpose, goals, and the research methods you did during the research.
  • If you are willing to write an informative abstract then the best option is to include the thoughts, suggestions, and solutions you had during the research and are also included in the research.

Important Parts to be Included in an Abstract

Now you have decided that on which type you will write the abstract let’s come to  the most important part that what things are important to be included,

#1 Motive

The motive of your research should be mention in the very first place. While writing the motive you also have to answer some basic questions.  Why did you choose this topic? How can your research help the reader? Why is this topic examination important to you and other people? These questions will develop the readers’ interest in your research.

#2 Issue

This is the most important part on which you have to emphasize a lot. You have to tell the reader that how much important is this issue and it has to be solved.

#3 Methods

The abstract has to be concise but you have included the methods you carried out during the research. Include those methods which you think are the most important. You don’t have to include all the methods mention only three methods in the top list of your research.

#4 Results

This one part should be included in informative abstract. Results are that thought which pops up in your mind during the research. Results should be written in brief so that the abstract is not too long.

#4 Conclusion

You have to write a good conclusion to prove the importance of your research work. You can also include your ideas and how your hypothesis can help in the upcoming research to scholars.

#5 Formatting of the Abstract

Very assignment has to be formatted in their respective format. To format your research abstract you have to make sure that there are no unusual details, tables, graphs, charts, abbreviations, acronyms, or complicated terms. Make sure that there is no punctuation or spelling error.

The reason for writing an abstract is to outline the main points. Make sure that your abstract explains your topic and is easy to understand. Also, let someone read your abstract aloud so that you will hear it and recognize that it is easy to understand and if the words easy or not.

You can also ask a professional paper editor for assistance. You will get the opportunity to look at your abstract from another view and it will also help you a lot to review your abstract.

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