How to write a Review Article or Literature Review? Step by step Process

Detailed Guidelines on Writing a Literature review

The detailed review of formerly published article on a research topic is known as review article, also termed as literature review. It must provide throughout knowledge of present idea on the available model. But different from an original piece of research work with same/unchanged experimental data.

The main purpose of a literature review is used to give an acute evaluation of the given data which is obtained from the present research. Review articles are very useful to discover more ideas about the distinguish research zones. Furthermore, they will produce novel results from the current experimental data.

There are eight significant key points to write a good review article.

  1. Firstly, you should study the purpose and objectives of the research journal in which you are ready to submit the article and survey them thoroughly. Many journals reject to accept the review articles. All research journals have different criteria for the acceptance of research articles. Therefore, it is essential to read the all criteria of the journal before write the article.
  2. You should describe the significance of your research article and assure that your work will give something unique idea in the related field. You must also describe the main idea of your research with suitable range.
  3. For the searching of different sources for evaluation of an article, you should practice many search databases. that’s where you can get all important points.
  4. You should have to spend a time to write a worthy title, summarized abstract and main keywords. This will be helpful for reader to find something advanced work easily in your research article. The title and abstract of your research article should be effective and concise.
  5. At that time, there is essential to give an overview of the research article. You should explain some points why the review of this article is needed. Then compile the research data from relevant article to make your introduction more informative.
  6. But, you should try to write a concise introduction. Then, the review article will be divide into different sections with suitable length.
  7. Assure that you describe an acute discussion about your article. Don’t only summarize your topic. If you found a clash in your focus research area then you must add your review article points to solve clash among conflicting readings.
  8. At the end, you must check the spelling and language rules of your final article before your final submission. You should also get a feedback about your final manuscript from a critical colleague.

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