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Impact of Pollution on Health, Agriculture and Environment

Problems caused by pollution

This post analyzes the problems related to health, agriculture, and the environment caused by pollution.

What is pollution? 

The term ‘pollution’ refers to the addition of unwanted substances to the environment which cause an imbalance in the environment.

Problems caused by Pollution 

There are three main types of pollution i.e. air, water, and air pollution. Pollution has threatened the very existence of human beings but all species that live on this planet earth.

Problems related to Health

All types of pollution cause health problems in humans. For example, industrial emissions cause numerous diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, and cancer. Water contaminated with arsenic can cause cancer in the skin, lungs, bladder, and kidney, and lungs.

According to research findings, most of the fish is contaminated with lead directed to the seas from industries. When humans eat lead-contaminated fish, they also acquire health-related problems. 

For the last many years, cancer cases have increased in Pakistan. One of the reasons is considered to be exposure to fertilizers. Farmers are not educated, they use bags of fertilizers for storage of edible goods which when taken in cause complicated diseases including cancer.

Another reason is farmers use the vegetables etc. without waiting for enough days after sprays of insecticides and provision of fertilizers to vegetables. The traces present with vegetables also cause diseases including cancer in humans.

Problems related to Agriculture

Pollution adversely affects agriculture. Human waste such as litter, garbage, etc. damage agricultural land and render it misfit for agricultural use. Similarly, chemical sprays are used to kill pests and insects which in turn kill insects that are good for agriculture and plant health. This all causes a decrease in the quantity and quality of agricultural production.

Like in human beings, pollution also causes diseases in livestock. Animals drink contaminated water and get diseases. The bad health of life stock causes a decline in the production of dairy products. Consequently, agriculture productivity decreases leading to the food security exp. in underdeveloped and developing countries.

Problems related to Environment

Pollution is responsible for the destruction of the environment. The biggest threat faced by earth planet is considered to be global warming and climate change primarily caused by industrial emissions. Climate change in turn leads to the destruction of the habitat of different species through floods, soil erosion, forest fire, desertification, and drought conditions. Loss of habitat can cause a disturbance in the food chain and ecosystem as a whole.

How do these industrial emissions cause global warming? Indusries emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere where they layer covering the whole globe. This layer of industrial gases acts like a greenhouse. It lets the sun rays in but does not allow the heat to get out of it. Thus the heat is trapped in the atmosphere causing a continuous increase in the earth temperature. This increase in temperature is called global warming.

The industrial waste directed to the sea and human waste dumped in oceans damage marine life. Death of marine life i.e. sharks, whales due to eating plastics has been a common thing in many parts of the world. 

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