Top 5 fully-funded scholarships for International Students 2022

scholarships 2022

Studying in a foreign country is the dream of every student because you don’t just get a quality education but you also explore the world. This dream is quite expensive but fortunately, there are fully funded scholarships that can give you a ray of hope. These scholarships cover both tuition fees and living expenses.

Also, some fully funded scholarships will cover the traveling expenses, book allowance, and insurance.

If you are planning to apply for any fully funded international scholarship then you are at the right place, here we will discuss the top 5 fully-funded scholarships in 2021.

#1. British Chevening Scholarship in the UK

The British Chevening scholarship is funded by the UK government for academically extraordinary students with leadership qualities.

It mostly offers a one-year Masters’s degree with full coverage of tuition fees, a living allowance, and travel expenses.

#2. Gates Cambridge Scholarship in the UK

The richest person Bill Gates and his wife Melinda gates have started this scholarship that is covering all the costs of international students. Students who want to study at Cambridge University can apply for this scholarship.

This scholarship also covers the inbound visa fee and cost of the imagination Health surcharge.

#3. Adelaide Scholarship in Australia

This scholarship is the best opportunity if you want to experience cultural diversity along with your studies. This program has been created for the only purpose to attract international postgraduate students to study at the University of Adelaide. This Fulbright scholarship covers tuition fees, annual living allowance, and health insurance.

#4. Amsterdam Excellence scholarship in the Netherlands

This scholarship is for international students who are eligible to pursue master’s programs offered by the University of Amsterdam. The full program is worth 25000 euros and it encompasses tuition and living expenses.

#5. ABD Japan Scholarship in New Zealand

This program is aiming to allow international students to pursue their careers in economics, management science, and technology.

The scholarships are awarded to well-qualified citizens of the Asian Development bank Japan member countries. This program covers tuition fees, living expenses along with the allowance for books, travel, and health

Dr. Bano

Dr.Bano is our guest Author . She Has won Different scholarships nationally and Internationally. Her mission is to guide new students about foreign Scholarships, Fellowships and Grants. We are very pleased to have her as our guest Author.

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  1. hi. Im from economics department and looking for fully funded scholarship in in any uk based university. I also have A+ gtades throughout my academic aacreer.. With CGPA 3.9/4.00 in my graduate. Now have plans for phd in economics kindly let me know the procedure and stepa ro follow

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