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Answer Key

Following is the answer key of the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Test

  1. Option “B” (Balance of power)
  2.  Option “A” (Representation in the central assembly
  3. Option “A” (Appointment of Ghulam Muhammad as Governor-General
  4. Option “C” (5).
  5. Option “C” (Takeover of Government by armed forces)
  6. Option “D” (Businessmen, bureaucrats, and army personnel.)
  7. Option “B” (Introduction of family laws)
  8. Option “D” (Direct elections for central Assembly)
  9. Option “C” (Awami League)
  10. Option “C” (General Yahya Khan)
  11. Option “D” (Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto)
  12. Option “D” (Underrepresentation of Bengalis in administration)
  13. Option “B” (Bilateral dialogue over Kashmir issue)
  14. Option “B” (Restricted the sale of alcohol
  15. Option “D” (Nationalization)
  16. Option “C” (Ayub Khan)
  17. Option “B” (Rural electrification)
  18. Option “A” (Nawaz Sharif
  19. Option “B” (Nawaz Sharif)
  20. Option “D” (Industries did not close in face of a global economic recession.)
  21. Option “C” (Making choices about one’s own life)
  22. Option “D” (Amendment in the constitution)
  23. Option “C” (Ayub Khan and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto)
  24. Option “C” (USSR)
  25. Option “D” (Alleged rigging in the election)
  26. Option “A” (President). 

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