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Writing unique content is a tricky task. Not all students are good at writing but every one of them wants to improve their grades.

Many students have to handle numerous assignments at a time, but they don’t know how to gather information.

And they find it difficult to organize it in a better way. Thus, academic writing becomes quite a challenging task for them.

Here they try to get help from professionals and pay money for it. This is a bit unfair as they are wasting both time and money.

Instead of taking help of the professional writers, they can take action to solve the problem of writing by using appropriate tools.  

These tools assist with several stages of essay writing like research, editing, re-writing, etc. With the help of these tools, students can encounter all the challenges at different stages.

If you are like other students and want to fix this problem, keep reading as we will enlist some tools that will assist you with your assignment writing.

How online tools are helpful to enhance writing skills?

Ok, so here the question may arise how these online tools can help you to improve or enhance your writing skills.

Let’s take an example of a university student who wants to write and publish a paper on any website. Getting ideas from other sources can be difficult for him.

Here paraphrasing tools can help him to create new content without collecting ideas from other sources. Same as online users can use these online tools to make the content gripping.

Do good writing skills help you to make your assignment unique?

As a writer, avoiding plagiarism can be critical as it may put your authenticity in danger. So, you always try to escape this factor and make the content unique.

Plagiarism can categorize into many types ranging from stealing someone else’s work into your assignments to adding some lines in the content unintentionally.

Exclusive content gives good impressions and seeks the reader’s attention. It also helps you to stand out from the others.

Sometimes good writing skills are not enough because no doubt even a professional writer also makes some grammatical mistakes.

So, you need an online grammar checker at this time to detect the mistakes and remove them from content to make it perfect for reading.

Top 5 tools for assignment writing

Many tools are available online that can help students with writing assignments. These tools generate the new content 100% unique.

Here we’ll go through some handy tools for students that can enhance their writing abilities.

  1. Plagiarism checker
  2. Grammar Checker
  3. Paraphrasing tool
  4. Article rewriter
  5. Text summarizer

1.      Plagiarism Checker


Stealing the content of fellows is common to act in classes. For making the content unique, it is very important to remove all duplications.

For example, a student is copying his/her fellow assignment and using the same words. It can create problems for both of them.

So, to encounter this problem, you can use a plagiarism checker tool to scan the content and find out the duplications.

It ensures you that the content is unique or not. Most plagiarism checkers are available online and are easy to use.  These online tools scan your content deeply and highlight the copied parts there.


  • Provide accurate results
  • Match every single line on the search engine
  • Highlights the copied parts in the content
  • Provide a source of plagiarized content

2.      Grammar Checker

No doubt as a student you may have not a full grip on the English language. So, you may need to use a Grammar checker which helps you to identify grammar errors, recommended suggestions, and correct the errors.

You can use an online Grammar Checker tool that can detect the errors in the content. Users can remove those issues and increase the fluency of text.

For example, if you are confused to use “there” or “their” Grammar check will pick up these mistakes for you.


  • Eliminate grammatical error
  • Fix spelling mistakes
  • Enhance writing skills
  • Goodbye to punctuation errors

3.      Paraphrasing tool

Writing the same topic, again and again, can confuse you. It is because you may add some repeated lines that are already published by someone earlier.

You may find paraphrasing tool handy at this point because they can rewrite the entire text and give it a new shape.

These tools operate in a very straightforward manner. Students must first enter the text into the tool’s paraphrase box, which will spin the entire article.

These free paraphrase generators will offer you more distinctive and readable text in no time.

The nicest part about paraphrasing tools is that they don’t disrupt the structure of assignments or lose the essential notion of the context.

These resources can assist students in improving their writing skills. They can use paraphrase tool, for example, if they are having trouble finding new words to use in their tasks.


  • Enhance writing skills
  • Seek the attention of the audience
  • Change the structure of the entire article
  • Make the text free of duplication


4.      Article rewriter

Sometimes students have all the data of their assignment but they want to rewrite it. If they write the content in their own words, it will take a lot of time.

Plagiarism is another problem that students can face while writing. Article rewriter tools are the best way to handle these mishaps.

These online tools can supply students with an excess of ideas for improving their writing skills, which will benefit them in the future.


  • Change single sentence
  • Easy to use
  • Plagiarism remover
  • AI-based writing
  • Time-saving

5.      Summarizing tool

Writing long articles or assignments for students is pretty hard. Everybody wants to read short and easy-to-read content.

If you are writing lengthy and using long sentences you can’t attract readers as they don’t like rough and lengthy content.

Same as, students when they submit their assignments their teachers do have not enough time to read the content thoroughly and get the main answer.

To overcome this problem, they can use a text summarizer that gets the juice of content and points out the main lines of the article.

It makes it easy for the readers to understand the context of the article instantly.


  • Control summarization
  • Easy to use
  • Rating the content
  • Providing best lines
  • Making the bullets

Final words

To generate unique content and make your writing effective, you must make it free of errors.

As a human, you can make multiple mistakes in the content. It can be a grammatical issue or say plagiarism error.

To remove all these mistakes and make the text fluent, you need to get help from the online tools. These can help you in detecting the issues that you can later remove from the article.

If you are really worried about the quality of content and want to make your writing effective, you can get help from these tools discussed in this article.


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