Physics and its Importance

Physics is one of the important disciplines of natural science. In this article, I will discuss the importance of physics to society, other sciences, and technologies.

What is physics?

Physics is a branch of natural sciences that deals with matter and energy and their relation. In a broader sense, Physics is concerned with the behavior of objects in relation to the action of forces. Moreover, it involves the study of nature and origin of different forces in play i.e. gravitational, electromagnetic, nuclear force, etc. Apart from this, physics as a separate discipline helps formulate principles to study different natural phenomena.

What is the importance of Physics? 

Importance in Society

The study of physics is at the core of modern advancement in all sectors of life. Without this discipline, there would have been no development in modern means of communications and transportation. And without development in these sectors, the dream of collective development could not be realized.  Likewise, scientific developments, i.e. discovery of electricity and modern-day technologies i.e. television, mobile phones, computers, etc. owe credit to advancement in the field of physics. This is because all technologies need force and energy to do a particular work. And it’s only the discipline of physics that deals with energy, force, and work.

Role in the development and evolution of technology

New developments in technology have revolutionized human life. What humans could not do for thousands of years has been accomplished in the last couple of years because of scientific development. As a branch of natural sciences, Physics has a central role in this development and evolution of technology. Discoveries such as magnetism, electricity, conductors. We could not think of television, the internet, mobile phones, aircraft, eyesight glasses without the inventions and discoveries made in physics.

Role in the development of other sciences 

Undoubtedly we cannot think of the development of any other discipline of natural sciences by underestimating the development of any other field. Physics has a key contribution to the development of other scientific disciplines i.e. chemistry, biology, mathematics, etc. Advancement in physics gave birth to technologies and discoveries as lasers, semi, and superconductors, fiber optics, modern computers, etc. Scientists use these modern-day technologies to obtain experimental data in all disciplines of natural sciences.

Thus the above discussion helps us conclude that physics has a central role in the development of all other natural and social sciences.

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