Romanian Government Scholarship 2022-2023

scholarships 2022 in Romania

Deadline 30 Apr, 2022
Opening date 13 Jan, 2022
Days Remaining Closed
Category Scholarships
Type Fully Funded
Location Romania

The Romanian Government Scholarship 2022 for International Students is now accepting applications. The scholarship is provided through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) as well as the Ministry of Education and Research (MER) and is open to students from abroad looking to pursue studies at the undergraduate, master’s and Doctoral degrees in Romania. The international scholarship offered in Europe is designed to attract students who are top academically and have an outstanding academic record over their academic background. This is a great chance for international students who wish to attend university in Romania through a fully funded scholarship.

It is a full-funded, international scholarships opportunity offered through Romania’s government Romanian Government is focused on developing innovative teaching methods, involving students in advancing learning and providing international students with the chance to apply. It is among the most prestigious scholarships that are awarded to passionate intellectuals from around the globe. The scholarship program permits students to continue their studies with the Romanian language within Europe only after they have been accepted into master’s or undergraduate programs. Candidates for doctoral programs may choose to pursue their studies in Romanian or a different language if these options are offered at the university they are applying to. Students may choose their program of choice in any area, excluding Medicine, Dental Medicine, and Pharmacy.

The Romanian Government Scholarship winners 2022-2023 will pursue their studies at recognized Romanian universities. They receive tuition , housing and an annual stipend. The Romanian Government offers a range of scholarships each year for citizens of non-EU countries via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is a chance students to go to one of the top universities in Romania with a fully-funded award. In the midst of the long-standing excellence of the world’s most prestigious education systems, the different Romanian schools have their own distinctive dynamic and characteristics. If you take into account all the advantages that come to studying in Romania and abroad, the fully-funded scholarship offered in Europe is an opportunity that should not to miss out on. This scholarship eases student’s financial burden , and helps them stay focused on their studies.

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Details of the Romanian State Scholarship 2022-2023

Country: Romania

Course Available: BS, MS, PhD degrees

Host Organization: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Romania

Scholarship Coverage: Fully Funded

Eligibility: Non-European students

Deadline: 30th, April 2022

 List of Study Fields available under Romanian Government Scholarship

  • Visual Arts
  • Architecture
  • Romanian culture and civilization
  • Journalism
  • Technical studies
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Political Sciences
  • Administrative Sciences
  • Education
  • Social and Human Sciences
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Oil and Gas

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Romanian government scholarship- Benefits

  • tuition fee waiver
  • Monthly Stipend 
  • Accommodation
  • a stipend of 65 euro/Mon is provided for Undergraduate students
  • A monthly stipend of 75 euro is provided for master’s Degree students
  • A stipend of 85 Euro/mon is provided for PhD degree candidates

Eligible Criteria for Romanian Government Scholarship

The annual scholarship program for foreigners that is offered by Romania by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in accordance with the Government Decision No. 288/1993 PROGRAMME INFORMATION 

  •  General rules to award scholarships : Scholarships studies at recognized educational institutions of higher learning within Romania are awarded by the competition of dossiers that are based on the rules in force, administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Ministry of Education (ME).
  • Foreign citizens of any non-EU country except for those from Romanian origin or who belong to the Romanian historical communities that are located in the vicinity to Romania (entitled to different scholarships programs) or citizens who applied for or obtained a form that provides protection to Romania and stateless persons who reside on Romania’s territory Romania is recognized as official according to law or those who are members of diplomatic and consular bodies, or relatives of personnel of diplomatic or consular bodies that are accredited to Romania and members of the technical and administrative personnel of diplomatic missions and consular office accredited to Romania and employees of international organizations with their headquarters in Romania or relatives of the staff of international organizations with their headquarters in Romania or those who have received a scholarship from the Romanian state for the same period of studies.
  • All non-European Countries students are eligible for this scholarship.
  • Should not be a Romanian citizen.
  • Should be less than or equal to 35 years of Age.
  • To be eligible, the scholarship applicant must: submit a complete file; present study documents issued by accredited/recognized education institutions in the country where they were issued; comply with the enrolment deadline; have good results in education, respectively an average of the study years, for the last graduated school of at least 7 (seven) corresponding to the scoring system in Romania or the “Good” score, as the case; comply with the application submission methodology. Note that scholarships cannot be granted in the field of DENTAL MEDICINE, or PHARMACY.

Not eligible criteria Romanian government scholarship

  • These categories of people are not eligible to enroll for this Romanian preparation year for the language. individuals who have Romanian studies documents (diplomas or certificate) or other study documents or school records attesting the existence of at least four years of studying in Romanian at an educational institution or unit belonging to within the Romanian national system and
  • students who to enroll in university, have passed the Romanian language test, which is conducted according to the rules in effect in force;
  • students who, to enroll in university education must present a document proving proficiency in Romanian at a minimum of B1, which is issued in accordance with the rules in effect.

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Application Procedure for Romanian government scholarship 2022

  1. You are able to submit your scholarship application only through this platform. Study in Romania platform.
  2. You can access the platform at by clicking on the Apply for MFA Scholarships button, or directly at
  3. In order to apply, you’ll be required to create your account with the Study in Romania platform, submit the required data and upload the required documents.
  4. Do not send documents by email or in person to either the MFA or the MNE.

The deadline to apply for Romanian State scholarship is 30th April, 2022.

What degree will the scholarship be covering?

The applicant for the scholarship can select one of the three study periods at accredited higher education institutions within Romania which include:

A) Bachelor’s level: Bachelor’s degree programs are designed for graduates of high school or pre-university studies at the time of the Baccalaureate or equivalent degree and also to those who are interested in further studies at universities in Romania. The whole program is for a period of 3 to 6 years, dependent on the particularization that is followed. It concludes with a bachelor’s examination and

B) master’s degrees: Master’s degree programs are designed for undergraduates and are offered for one calendar year 1.5 months or two years, and culminate with the dissertation examination;

c) PhD: doctoral programs are designed for graduate students or equivalents and are offered for three to five years, dependent on the qualifications of the chosen faculty . They conclude with the submission of a thesis. The admission to PhD and the possibility of securing the scholarship is contingent on passing an exam for entrance.

What is the preferred language for studies Romanian government scholarship ?

In order to help promote the Romanian culture and language those who receive scholarships provided to students by Romanian state for undergraduate and master’s studies. Romanian state for master’s and undergraduate studies are required to study in the Romanian language. There is a distinction for doctoral scholarship holders, who may select to study within Romanian as well as a foreign language as determined by the doctoral college. If the applicant does not speak the Romanian language A preparatory year is provided for studying in the Romanian languages prior to actual university education and is only available to doctoral scholars who choose to pursue the option of studying in a foreign language as defined by the doctoral college.

Documents required for Romanian Government scholarship 2023

  • Documents required for the application Each applicant must sign up for an account with Study in Romania. Study in Romania platform, will complete the requested details and upload the required document
  • Copies of diplomas earned (baccalaureate diploma or equivalent, or master’s, bachelor’s, or doctoral degree (if applicable) as well as their official traduction to English, French, Spanish or Romanian If applicable.
  • Transcripts of completed studies as well as their official translators in English, French, Spanish or Romanian in the event that it is appropriate. 
  • Copy of birth certificate (or similar document) along with the official translation to English, French, Spanish or Romanian If appropriate.
  •  Copy of the initial three pages from the passport, or the document of national identity as well as the translation that has been authorized of the passport into English, French, Spanish or Romanian as appropriate.
  • Curriculum of Qualifications that is in English or French in the format required and in the case of the doctoral cycle as well as an official letter from the candidate that is written in English, French, Spanish or Romanian language. The application must also include these documents (only for those that fall within the category in each document)
  • A copy of the document proving the change of name (if required) and the official translation to English, French, Spanish or Romanian in the event that it is appropriate.
  • A copy of the certificate that proves the successful completion of the bachelor’s, master’s or baccalaureate exam, as the situation could be, for graduates who are not yet holding the diploma, and also the official translation to English, French, Spanish or Romanian in the event that it is required.
  • A copy of the certificate showing that the person is who is in the final year of their studies must pass the exam for graduation at the conclusion of the academic year or at the end of the university year.
  • Also, the official translated of the exam into English, French, Spanish or Romanian or Romanian, if required.
  • A copy from the academic transcript attesting to the educational record for the student who is in the final year of study, up to the date of submission of the application, along with the approved translation to English, French, Spanish or Romanian in the event that it is required.
  • A copy of the certificate of successful completion of the Romanian preparation year for language or the certification of proficiency in the language and competence, if applicable.
  • A notarized parental consent for candidates who aren’t attained an age limit of 18 at the time they begin the classes and an authorized translation to English, French, Spanish or Romanian in the event of a need.
  • The documents have to be individually scanned after the originals, and with the format PDF. To allow the registration of the candidate in order to remain valid, they has to declare his agreement to the consent for the processing of personal information in the form of a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) declaration.


How do I submit the application for Romanian government scholarship?

The scholarship application is submitted only via this Study in Romania platform. Candidates can access the platform at, via the Apply for MFA scholarships button, or directly at The platform is accessible in English.  Applications sent directly by applicants to the office of registry at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Education, or to the email addresses of MFA employees and Departments of MFA headquarters as well as directly to Romanian diplomatic missions or diplomatic missions of foreign diplomats accredited in Bucharest and Bucharest, will not be considered. 

Dates for enrollment The enrolment period begins on the 20th of December 20, 2023.

The deadline for applications is March 15th 2023.  

Romanian government scholarship results dates

Announcement of the results and procedures for those who were accepted These results and the formalities for the admitted candidates decision-making process are made public via e-mail on the 15th of July, 2023, to each candidate who submitted an application for the scholarship.

In the case of students who are accepted for admitted students, the Ministry of Education will issue an “Letter of acceptance for studies in Romania” that will include the requirement (where appropriate) to finish an Romanian preparation year for the language and to attend the university or higher educational institution(s) in which the study will be held.

The original copy of the “Letter of acceptance for studies in Romania” will be delivered through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the university. It is the “Letter of acceptance for studies in Romania” is needed in order to get the long-stay visa, as well as enrollment. Students are allowed to download a scan copy.

If the option for a candidate’s university is not honored and the Ministry of Education reserves the option of offering the student an alternative to the same area of study dependent on the availability for higher educational institutions within Romania. Once the letter is received, acceptance to study with this alternative, the applicant is free to choose whether to accept the scholarship or let it go (being eligible to pursue further studies in Romania at their own expense, i.e. by paying tuition charges). Once they have received the acceptance letter that the student will submit electronically, via the platform within the specified period, a written response to the scholarship’s acceptance or rejection and, in the case acceptance, they will ask for an extended study visa. If accepting the scholarship, student is required to reach out to the university to inquire about the specific requirements for enrollment (additional documents needed as well as aptitude tests and registration deadlines, and so on.) 

Scholars rights and Obligations

The rights and obligations of scholars Students who are awarded scholarships have the following advantages:)

  • exclusion from paying fees for registration or additional fees required for the application process, including testing for the Romanian proficiency in the language, participating in the entrance contest for doctoral studies, and taking the particular aptitude tests as well as) funding the cost of tuition for the Romanian year of language preparation and
  •  paying for tuition costs for the actual course of study but not exceeding the length of a university cycle that is in line with the course of study chosen
  • giving the monthly award of a scholarship for students who are enrolled in the Romanian preparatory year for the language or
  • awarding the monthly award of a scholarship to students enrolled in bachelor’s master’s or doctoral programs however, not longer than the length of a university course;) paying for the costs of lodging in student dormitories within the allocation of subsidy through the budget of Ministry of Education;
  •  medical aid in the case of medical-surgical emergencies as well as illnesses that have endemic-epidemic risk as per the law in force
  • 5 hours) local public ground, naval and underground transportation, and trains, domestic cars and naval transportation, under the same manner as provided by Romanian students, in accordance with the laws.
  •  exempt from fees for obtaining a study visa. These benefits are provided all through the duration of the study in the following manner for students who are enrolled during the Romanian language preparation year during the course and for students in master’s or bachelor’s programs in the academic year as well as during holidays that are legal however, not during the summer holiday.
  • If students are required to remain in the faculties during the summer break for specific curricular events or when there are particular laws that require it, these rights of the students are protected for the duration of the summer vacation.
  • for doctoral students who are enrolled in full-time study, all through the year, and for 30 days following the completion of the university course of study for at least one year.

International Students have the following obligations

  •  to comply with Romanian law and the Romanian constitution and laws that govern the Romanian state and the laws of the state;
  • to abide by the rules of the institution where they study and
  • to abide by the guidelines of this method and) to bring when they enroll at the institution where they were accepted, a medical certificate which states that the student is fit to study and is free of infectious illnesses, as well as its official translator in English, French, Spanish or Romanian as suitable.

 Other details about the terms that the scholarship will provide.

In Romania the academic year generally begins on the 1st day of October. The university’s calendar is a unique one in line with the principle of autonomy of universities. Host universities are also able to determine specific actions regarding the learning and teaching process as per guidelines of public health. Romanian authorities could add additional health-related requirements to the public health system. The scholarship awarded, including the preparatory years, where it is available, comprises paying tuition fees and the cost of accommodation in the dormitories through the budgetary resources of the Ministry of Education, within the limits of the subvention allocated to this reason (accommodation will be made available in the event of available spaces) and providing an annual financial aid according to the following the equivalent to “lei” (the Romanian currency) of of 65 EURO for undergraduates and preparatory year students for students in the preparatory year; the equivalent of “lei” (the Romanian currency) of that is 75 EURO for masters students. The equivalent in “lei” (the Romanian currency) in the amount in the amount of 85 EURO to PhD candidates. The scholarships cannot pay for international travel and local transport between to the Romanian entry point for border crossings to universities. Candidates should be prepared to provide personal financial support for the additional expenses. 6 Students in that program, the Romanian language preparatory program and those of the master’s and undergraduate degree programs, must attain at the conclusion each academic session the minimum amount of credits required by regulations of the university for transferring on to the next academic year.

The rights derived from the scholarship could be restored the following academic year, after having the required amount of transferable credits as long as the amount of scholarship years do not exceed the time of the academic calendar. In the event of the suspension of the award and/or the payment of tuition costs the students will be required to pay a cost, according to the amount set according to the lawful regulations in effect.

In the time frame specified by the institution, admitted students are required to present themselves in the Office of International Relations/ Rector’s Office of the university in which they were admitted. Students are required to bring: an complete file with all original documents of the application; host universities can request that the registration documents include certified copies and legalized translations in Romanian and copies of the letters of acceptance for study or passport (original and a copy) with legitimate visa (long stay visa for study) or a residence permit medical certificate proving to the fact that the applicant is unaffected of contagious illnesses or other illnesses that are not compatible with the studies, and the approved translation of the document into English, French, Spanish or Romanian or Romanian, if appropriate; any other documentation that are required by universities.

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