Six Points of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Six points of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman are 6 important demands that Sheikh Mujib had made to the government of Pakistan in 1966. West Pakistan dominated the central government had rejected these demands. The government and West Pakistani politicians accused Mujib of conspiring against the integrity of Pakistan. They considered Six Points of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman a  threat to the integrity of the nation if implemented. The rejection of Six points formula of Mujib is considered one of the key events that led to the fall of Dhaka in 1971. 

Following were the Six Points presented by Sheikh Mujib:

1. Directly elected government 

Sheikh Mujib demanded that the people of Pakistan would elect the federal government through universal suffrage with real authority to make laws. The demands stemmed from the past two decades of experience during which the country did not see any independent elections for government making. Instead of the rule of any democratically elected government, bureaucratic and dictatorial rule dominated the politics of the country.

2. Federal Government will control the only defense and foreign policy

The second point in the Six Points agenda of Seikh Mujib was that the provinces should be stronger. He demanded that the federal government should have the charge of defense and foreign affairs. All other matters would be the responsibility of individual provinces.

3. Separate currencies and Financial Policies

Both wings of Pakistan would have separate currencies and foreign policies as per their own needs and resources.

4. Provinces would tax the people

According to this point, the central government would have no right to levy and collect taxes. Instead, provinces would have the right to tax the people. Each province would send a share of their taxes to the central government for executing its responsibilities.

5. Provinces to set up their own trade agreements with the world

This point suggested that individual provinces (the East and West Pakistan) would have the right to have their own financial revenue such as foreign exchange, remittances, etc. Similarly, individual provinces would have the right to come into trade agreements with other states as per their need and resources.

6. Separate troops

The last point of Mujibs Six points stated that each province would have its own troops and police to look after its defense. This demand is a result of the resentment of East Pakistani over the fact that they were not encouraged to join armed forces. Almost all army officers and soldiers at the lowest-ranked came from West Pakistan.

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